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Autonomous sewerage systems

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Independent sewage systems in Kiev and the region from the company Winnerstroy

Winnerstroi's self-contained sewage systems are designed to clean household and household wastewater through their complete biological oxidation. Such autonomous sewers carry out sewage purification, and not their accumulation, which is their main advantage. Our autonomous systems for deep biological treatment of wastewater are developed on the basis of a vast experience in the operation of purification plants of various types.

Own development of our company, allow to design and install autonomous sewer systems with very high efficiency, which reaches 98%. Such installations make it possible to completely abandon the services of sewer machines. In this case, they can be mounted in any type of soil. The availability of a wide range of sewer cleaning systems (from systems designed for country houses and cottages to full solutions for industrial enterprises) enables us to offer our services to a wide variety of customers.

The construction of an autonomous sewage system is a time-consuming, responsible and complex process that must take into account a lot of various factors. Therefore, the construction of such a water purification system should be trusted only by professionals. Winnerstroi specialists have many years of experience in designing and constructing autonomous sewers for various facilities, therefore our services are always guaranteed high quality, reliability and safety.

Features of autonomous sewers

Any modern autonomous sewage system works on the principle of forced aeration. The essence of this principle is the use of bacteria-aerobes, which oxidize wastewater. Simultaneously, air in the form of small bubbles is supplied to the sewage treatment tanks, which not only speeds up the process of wastewater treatment, but also eliminates the need for soil purification of water.

Depending on the purpose, the autonomous sewage system can have a variety of features, which is related to the type and degree of contamination of the sewage itself. Household sewage is very different from the effluent of industrial plants, and therefore require a different approach to purification.

The construction of any autonomous sewage system is carried out in several stages:

Benefits of autonomous sewer systems

Winnerstroi's autonomous sewage systems have many advantages, among them:

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