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Autonomous sewerage for cottages and cottages in Kiev and the region

Winnerstroi autonomous sewage systems for cottages and cottages are high-tech modern stations for biological treatment of domestic wastewater, which make it possible to solve the issue of drainage and wastewater treatment in the area where there is no centralized sewage system or it is inappropriate to connect it.

Autonomous sewage can be considered the most optimal solution not only for a country house, but also a cafe or restaurant, car washes, as well as for hospitals, schools, service stations and many other social facilities. Existing capacities of our company allow organizing systems of autonomous wastewater treatment for cottage settlements and institutions designed for 1000 and more people.

How does an offline drain

The operation of any Winnerstroi autonomous sewage system is based on the process of biological oxidation of effluents and the decomposition of organic compounds by means of special microorganisms. This is a natural process that is universally found in nature, and in the purification plant it is only accelerated several times with the help of intense fine bubbling aeration.

Note that the autonomous sewer system for a country house does not need the addition of bacteria from outside, as well as in biological preparations and chemicals. The cleaning process is fully automated and autonomous. Serves autonomous sewer for cottages and cottages once every 6-8 months. In this case, the accumulated waste (activated sludge) can be used as a fertilizer on the backyard.

Benefits of self-contained sewers for holiday homes and cottages

Among the significant advantages of autonomous wastewater treatment systems is:

By ordering the construction of an autonomous sewage system in Kiev or the region with us, you trust the work of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in constructing purification systems for a wide variety of facilities.

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