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Industrial treatment facilities

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kiev from Winnerstroy

Effective wastewater treatment is one of the most pressing issues for any industrial production. The sewage system of any modern enterprise should not only drain sewage that can contain a wide variety of organic and inorganic impurities, mechanical particles, acids, oils, etc., but also solve the problem of cleaning them. Preventing environmental pollution through wastewater treatment to their safe state is one of the basic requirements for any industrial enterprise.

Winnerstroi industrial wastewater treatment plants are not only effective wastewater treatment, but also water recycling, which is already an advantage for any enterprise.

Our company is engaged in the design, development and construction of treatment facilities for the industry, relying on the great experience and high level of professionalism of its specialists. Our treatment facilities meet the most modern European and American standards of quality and safety, and also have many advantages.

Our Advantages

Today our company offers industrial enterprises advanced and effective developments in the field of industrial effluent treatment, which are based on the operation of unique biological treatment plants. At the same time, our solutions allow not only to purify water for its further discharge into centralized sewerage, into rivers and ground, but also to use it in various technological processes. Among other things, this recycling of water makes it possible to reduce the cost of the products produced by the enterprise.

Winnerstroi industrial wastewater treatment plants are:

  • effective cleaning of any industrial effluent
  • autonomous operation of all systems
  • the possibility of increasing the capacity of treatment plants
  • Reliability and durability
  • ease of maintenance;
  • saving money.

Industrial cleaning facilities are developed individually for each enterprise, taking into account their structure and features of technological processes, the volume and composition of wastewater, as well as the production schedule and the existing sewage system.

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