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Construction of concrete pools in Kiev and the region

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Construction of concrete pools in Kiev and the region Swimming Pools

The construction of concrete pools is one of the most popular services that are provided by Winnerstroy. At a word "concrete" at many there can be associations with usual what not remarkable artificial reservoir. However, in fact, modern technologies for the construction of such pools allow realizing any design solutions and design ideas. Specialists of our company are approaching the process of building concrete pools not only from engineering calculations, but also from the side of design ideas. Therefore, each of our customers who decided to order the construction of a concrete pool, gets exactly the result that he was waiting for.

Features of concrete pools

Among the basic characteristics of pools of concrete can be noted the durability and practicality of such structures. In addition, such an artificial reservoir can have absolutely any form necessary to its customer. As finishing materials for such pools can be used, ceramic tile, mosaic or special PVC film.

A concrete pool can be a skimmer or overflow. The skimmer pool is equipped with a special device (skimmer), by means of which the top layer of water is taken from the pool bowl. Then it is filtered, if necessary heated and then fed back to the pool through the nozzles.

In the overflow basins, dirty water is forced into a special chute by a clean stream of water. Then it is collected in a special tank, fed to filtration and heated and fed back to the bowl of the reservoir.

Benefits of concrete pools

If you identify the most significant advantages of pools of concrete, it is worth noting a few factors. Namely:

  • The concrete pool can have any size, depth and shape, which makes it universal for sports and just for a good time.
  • When building such a pool, a wide variety of non-standard design solutions can be implemented.
  • Concrete pool is characterized by high durability and strength.
  • Such a pool can be equipped with absolutely any additional equipment.

When ordering the construction of a concrete pool in Kiev, you have the opportunity to implement any of your ideas.

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