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Designing of residential complexes in Winnerstroy

Specialists of the design and construction company Winnerstroy have sufficient experience and skills in order to develop a project of a residential complex that can take into account the modern requirements of a wide range of people for comfortable housing.

On our site you will find information on the cost of project services provided by company specialists, as well as examples of work performed.

In modern conditions of life, people are striving to maximally surround themselves with comfort, therefore commercially successful are the construction of residential complexes with developed infrastructure. With regard to the design of multifunctional complexes, this area includes such works as:

  • Designing a residential part of the building.
  • Designing of administrative (office) part.
  • Design of parking for cars (underground and / or above ground).
  • Designing a sports zone, planning park areas, etc.

In fact, the projects of residential complexes require their creators to understand the integrated assessment of possible solutions on the ground, the planning of access roads, communications and their own infrastructure. This broad direction imposes corresponding obligations on the project organization, which will work on the creation of the project, and requires its specialists knowledge and experience in designing various types of buildings and structures, as well as an integrated approach to solving the tasks facing the group of specialists.

Of course, the design of residential complexes should be primarily focused on the comfort of residents. However, this does not mean that the embodiment of the idea of ​​the comfort and coziness of future owners of housing, expressed in constructive and architectural solutions, should shift to the second plan the requirements for the external appeal of the building.

Highly qualified specialists of the design and construction company Winnerstroy have experience in designing multi-functional facilities, which allows correctly to organize the infrastructure and provide technological conditions for the functioning of the residential complex system.

For information on the cost of design works, as well as any additional information related to the activities of our company, you can contact the representatives of Winnerstroy in any convenient way. All the necessary information is presented in the "Contacts" section.

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