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Facade systems

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Facade systems

We offer to make aluminum facade systems (structures), hinged facades, ventilated facades, winter gardens from the profile of different manufacturers with glazing with double-glazed windows.

Glazing of the facades of cafes, restaurants, exterior finish with metal plastic.

The company "Winnerstroy" is working on the design, manufacture and installation of aluminum facades, windows, stained-glass windows, conservatories and entrance groups. We offer modern production and installation technologies that allow you to create light and reliable elements of houses, business centers, restaurants and shops, as well as cafes and summer areas.

Modern technologies have eliminated the recent lack of metal - a relatively high thermal conductivity and susceptibility to corrosion. In Aluminum constructions, these problems are solved by using a thermal insert separating the inner and outer part of the profile and the glass unit.

Aluminum stained-glass windows (facades)

Thanks to the modern appearance, practicality and price-quality ratio, aluminum windows, stained-glass windows have been widely used in the construction and reconstruction of residential buildings, shops, shopping and office centers, winter gardens.

Types of manufacturing and installation of stained glass:

A wide range of colors, combining the colors of the profile inside and outside the room, as well as the use of glass in various shades, shapes and sizes, makes it possible to embody complex architectural ideas in stained glass designs. Aluminum stained glass can be used for vertical glazing of windows as a whole building, its facade, and its parts, and also be an element of such structures as winter gardens.

The bearing frame of the stained glass structure is made of an aluminum profile, as a filling glass or double-glazed windows are used. Stained-glass windows from aluminum profiles are designed for the construction of translucent enclosures of public and industrial buildings. Stained-glass windows made of aluminum profiles are durable, durable, easy to use, provide air permeability, sound and thermal insulation. The system of aluminum profiles allows you to easily mount windows and stained-glass windows, create interesting architectural forms, a variety of colors. It is possible to make warm or cold stained-glass windows, hang them on the wall and install it in the opening. The design allows to drain the leaked water outwards, therefore it is possible to make single-pitch and double-sloped glass roofs from the system of aluminum profiles.

In Kiev, or Kiev region, we will produce for you aluminum stained-glass windows, facades, and other aluminum structures for your own design. Excellent quality and low prices are the main advantage of our aluminum constructions - stained-glass windows, windows, doors, facades and aluminum entrance groups.

Input Groups

The entrance group is more than just the entrance doors, this is the face of the building, and for each specific case it is necessary to select its own individual type of construction. Two consecutive doors not only decorate the facade of the building, but also serve as a kind of thermal lock.

Advantages of aluminum input groups:

Aluminum profile, from which the doors are made (like the aluminum profile for other translucent structures), is divided into "warm" and "cold". "Warm" aluminum profile, with a thermo insulating insert, is used in the manufacture of doors for heated rooms. "Cold" aluminum profile, without insulating thermal insertion, is used in the manufacture of doors for unheated objects or doors located inside heated rooms. The advantage of aluminum doors is the ability to achieve their harmonious combination with the internal and external architecture of the room due to the possibility of painting the surface of the aluminum profile in any color (more than 150 colors).

For more details about the design of aluminum doors and their cost, please call: (063) 323-83-33, (044) 383-12-61, (044) 223-35-49.

Application of aluminum stained-glass windows

Aluminum stained-glass windows and structures are used in residential, public buildings and premises. Aluminum designs of stained-glass windows and storefronts can be installed both in separate openings and be mounted as facade glazing of buildings. Stained glass from warm aluminum is installed in rooms where it is necessary to prevent air from blowing from the street into the interior space and to keep the room temperature at a given level. It can be residential and working premises, winter gardens.

Aluminum profiles of stained-glass windows are an excellent option for glazing shop windows, shopping centers, cafes, as they allow you to open the product to the fullest extent, attracting customers with greater force and becoming a kind of advertising product. You do not have to worry about the safety of the room equipped with aluminum windows and stained glass windows, as it is possible to cover the glass with an impact resistant film that can provide protection against accidental impact.

Mounting of aluminum stained-glass windows

The installation of aluminum stained-glass windows is a complex process, which requires only professional masters. Our experienced staff will install aluminum stained-glass windows and structures in the shortest possible time. Aluminum facades of stained-glass windows allow for installation in both horizontal and vertical planes, which significantly increases the options for their use. We produce mounting of aluminum stained-glass windows at reasonable prices, which only the manufacturer can offer you. All kinds of work are guaranteed.

Repair of aluminum stained-glass windows

Repair of aluminum stained-glass windows can be entrusted only to professionals, such as our company. We have extensive experience in repairing aluminum stained glass windows. Our specialists will solve all the problems associated with the repair of your aluminum stained-glass windows.

For more information on repair and installation of aluminum stained-glass windows, please contact our consultants by contacting them via one of the phones provided on the site.

Cost of aluminum stained-glass windows

The cost of aluminum stained glass depends on a number of factors, such as: dimensions, colors, material, configuration. We sell stained-glass windows at competitive prices, since our task is not to "cash in on" the client, but to sell a high-quality product at the best prices for you.

Due to the fact that we offer you aluminum stained-glass windows and windows on our website, we do not need unnecessarily high prices. With the cost of aluminum stained-glass windows you can find out by contacting our consultants. We offer our clients the most attractive prices for aluminum stained-glass windows and their installation.

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