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Features of industrial design

Designing is a job that is essentially a search for the optimal solution of functional, technical, socio-economic and aesthetic tasks. Of course, the quality of industrial design directly depends on the qualifications and experience of specialists involved in the preparation of project documentation. Projects of industrial buildings, as, indeed, projects of public buildings and structures, should be oriented to:

  • Functional expediency.
  • Economic feasibility.
  • Creation of comfortable working environment conditions.
  • Aesthetics that take into account the purpose of the building or structure.
  • Flexibility, the possibility of further expansion, etc.

As for the specific design features of industrial buildings, they are determined by the designation and specific features of the facility, in particular, it is about the complexity of technological processes, the availability of engineering equipment and the use, for example, of special types of vehicles, as well as the need to ensure the most safe working conditions at the facility. That is why, working on a specific project, you first need to delve into the essence of the tasks assigned to the industrial object.

If you need a thoughtful, competent and high-quality project of a production building, then we suggest you to contact us in any convenient way with Winnerstroy specialists to discuss all details concerning your project. Our specialists have experience in the design of industrial buildings and structures and are extremely responsive to work, so we will be very easy to find a common language with you.

In addition, the specialists of Kiev-based design and construction company Winnerstroy work not only in the design direction, but also directly build and reconstruct industrial buildings and structures. Thus, our specialists can realize the design of the industrial building, ie. take over the work on the construction of the industrial facility you need. You can get acquainted with examples of our works by visiting the relevant section of our website.

Call us right now on one of the phone numbers listed on our website to get answers to questions regarding the design of industrial buildings and structures.

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