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Projects of wooden structures

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Houses for shrinkage under a tree are especially popular. This is explained by the special properties of this material. Wood - strong, durable and reliable. It positively affects our health.

Today, there are a lot of companies offering to buy a wooden house project. How to make the right choice, so as not to be mistaken?

Features of the layout

It is difficult enough to choose the right project. Initially, you need to formulate your own wishes. Also it is necessary to take into account the wishes of the family. It is worth highlighting certain rules.

Choosing a project for a country wooden house is a rather complicated process. To begin with, you need to formulate your wishes as precisely as possible, taking into account, of course, the opinion of your family. Let's outline the basic rules.

Kitchen. If you decide to buy a project of a country house, pay attention to this room. There is a need for space for shelves and lockers. At the same time, there must be enough room to cook food. It's good if there is a closet next door.

Living room. If you have a lot of friends, you should pay attention to the projects of wooden buildings from the beam with the optimal layout. It is necessary that there was a large room here. Possible installation of a fireplace and a pool table.

The bedroom is a special place in the house, so it is important to provide the perfect comfort here. For spouses you need a spacious room.

Hall. A dwelling is simply impossible to imagine without it. Its area can be different. In a tight space you will not be able to comfortably arrange furniture.

Choosing the right project

If it is decided to buy a one-story house project, pay attention to the material. If the building is made of wood, a logical dilemma arises - a bar or log. To determine, you need to consider the following:

  1. Constructions from rounded logs are erected very quickly. They look very beautiful.
  2. Cottages made of timber are neat even without finishing. You can simply apply the lacquer.
  3. You can build from the beam in winter and summer.
  4. The diameter of the logs should not be small so that it is not damp and cold.
  5. Today there are various projects from logs and beams. At the same time, their cost differs. Experts recommend saving as follows:
  6. More accessible at the price of building a rectangular shape.
  7. A correctly chosen orientation will significantly reduce operating costs.
  8. To build in the winter period is more accessible, as the demand at this time is lower.
  9. If you make a quality insulation, you can save a lot on heating.
  10. Short and simple communications guarantee savings and reliability.

If you decide to buy a house project from foam blocks or wood, we recommend that you contact Winnerstroy.

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