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Design of factories and plants

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In the construction of various industrial facilities, the most important stage is the design stage. Designing factories and plants is a process that is not without reason recognized as more complex and time-consuming than designing, for example, residential houses or cottages.

The quality of design work can greatly affect the construction of such facilities as factories or factories, since it is at the design stage that all the basic parameters of the future enterprise are developed. The Winnerstroy specialists have sufficient experience, professionalism and qualifications in order to carry out all the design works of factories and plants at the proper quality level.

Stages of design work

The design of plants and factories, like any other design process, is divided into several main stages:

Of great importance for future production is the proper equipping of industrial premises with all the necessary equipment, communications, engineering systems, as well as a fire protection system.

Particular attention is paid to the specifics of each object that is being designed. It is obvious that each plant is unique in its specificity and sphere of production, and therefore, the design of feed mills is fundamentally different from the design of poultry farms, and the design of cement plants from the two above.

Design Bureau "Winnerstroy" will help solve the problem of integrated design of the plant. As a result of such design, we provide not only the architectural design of the plant, but also the necessary documentation for logistics, organization of production and, if necessary, centralized personnel management.

The project of the plant is the key to high production efficiency, and therefore high profitability of the enterprise. And if you make a mistake at this stage, then the consequences will be felt daily. Only highly qualified specialists of the Winnerstroy design bureau will help you solve this difficult task.

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