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Many are interested: where to buy a house project. You need to determine beforehand what you are building a house for. Do you plan to live in it 365 days a year or only in the summer. Is it only going to rest in the summer, will you live here permanently or only on weekends together with your friends?

When choosing a project, it is necessary to foresee who will live in the building with you. If you have elderly people in your family, this is important to consider. On the second floor it will be difficult for them to climb, so the bedroom should be provided for on the first floor. If there is a child for whom you need to look after, the nursery should be located next to your bedroom.

These issues should be discussed with the family before purchasing project documentation. When the construction is started, it will be difficult to take into account the wishes of each member of the family. If you are interested in the optimal project at home, you can buy it at an affordable price.

Features of the layout

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, in the living room and in the bedroom, it's worthwhile to think carefully about the appropriate layout, so that the location of the rooms is as convenient as possible for everyone.

Features of the design of the first floor

It starts with the entrance to the building. Tambours are small rooms such as a lock. They are equipped with entrances to the dwelling in order to effectively protect the premises from unwanted dampness and cold. Each house begins with an entrance hall. The area of ​​the tambours is from 2 to 6 square meters. Usually they serve as a dressing room or a hallway. Often there is a passage directly from the tambour to the boiler room or garage. This is a practical and convenient option.

Features of the hall

If you decide to buy house designs, be sure to pay attention to the hall. It is important that it is as convenient as possible. If the tambour is small in area, there is not enough space in it to place the closet. It is important that the lobby is free, and the walls do not become an obstacle. Do not provide for a large number of doors. If you want, you can place furniture here.


If it is decided to buy house designs, pay attention to the stairs. This is an important element of the interior of any building. When choosing a ladder, pay attention to its compatibility with the layout and the general solution in terms of style.

When creating this or that style, designers make sure that the staircase does not conflict with the general style of the room. You need to match one another. On the first and second floors are different styles of interior. The ladder in this case creates a smooth transition between these styles. This is achieved by the play of light and special lighting.

If you are interested in house designs, buy them at Winnerstroy.

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