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Reconstruction of buildings in Kiev

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The process of reconstruction of buildings of various purposes is a separate type of construction, in which objects are modernized, modified. This also applies to the purpose of the building: superstructures can be added, redevelopment, replacement of already existing parts and systems can be carried out. In addition, during the reconstruction, the structure meets the standards and requirements of sanitary, environmental and technical nature.

Types of reconstruction

As a rule, the reconstruction process is suitable for all types of structures:

A complete character reconstruction is a replacement for doors, windows, floors and even walls. During its implementation, walls and foundation are strengthened. Reconstruction of heat-insulating and other systems is carried out, and also it concerns installation, roofing and front works.

Partial reconstruction, in turn, requires only a few types of work. In case of partial reconstruction of various facilities, it is not necessary to stop the operation of facilities in order to increase the comfort of operation.

The main purpose of the process:
Various buildings and structures require renovation in several cases:

In order to replace the destination of the property. For example, if a building goes from residential to non-residential fund (or in the reverse order)
For the purpose of partial or full restoration of the structure to create suitability for further functioning. Since all structures have a tendency to wear out and age, reconstruction may be required to comply with norms and requirements.
In order to modify the size of the structure or change the configuration of the building. In such cases, redevelopment, superstructure or extension is required.

Stages of reconstruction

Reconstruction of buildings and structures takes place in several stages:

The reconstruction of construction objects includes the following works:

Reconstruction of buildings, replacement of structures, redevelopment - this is a difficult and demanding task, which should be entrusted to experienced professionals in areas such as construction and design.
Work on the reconstruction and restoration of buildings begins with an assessment of the state of the building, as well as the neighboring buildings. On the basis of such an assessment, a technical conclusion is drawn up as to whether it is possible to reconstruct a construction object. Then architects, designers and engineers create a reconstruction project taking into account all the data collected and the customer's wishes.

Reconstruction of buildings, structures and buildings is aimed at improving the functionality and modernization, it is a multi-step process that is more complicated than building a house from scratch. Approach to the reconstruction of the construction site must be individualized in each case, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the state of the building, its purpose, as well as the location.

The only way to significantly extend the life is the reconstruction of buildings. Prices for the services of companies involved in reconstruction depend on such factors as the purpose of the building, its condition, location and historical value.

In some cases, the reconstruction of buildings is inappropriate. The cost of reconstruction is quite high, so it is important to find specialists who accurately assess the need and the possibility of its implementation. Many companies provide such services as the reconstruction of turnkey buildings. The price of turnkey renovation is higher, but this service saves the time and effort of the customer.

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