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Designing of car dealerships in Winnerstroy

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A successful auto show, capable of making a profit to its owners, should look like that. That is why the project of the showroom, which is being developed immediately before the construction of the facility, should be created by experienced specialists.

The staff of Winnerstroy company consists of real professionals, so you can be absolutely sure that the projected object will be favorably distinguished by high style, modern look and thoughtful to the smallest detail of functionality. It is extremely important that the design of car dealerships and this type of buildings is aimed not only at creating a recognizable and memorable architectural image, but also being carried out in strict accordance with the brand style of the customer.

Design features

In fact, the design of a service station or car showroom - a list of works aimed at developing design and working documentation for the construction of the facility. Such work must necessarily take into account the requirements of official representatives of car manufacturers and strictly comply with current standards approved at the state level.

The sales and service sector of automobiles is developing rapidly with respect to the provision of integrated services. In particular, in addition to direct sales, many salons provide car maintenance services. In addition, many salons have rest areas and catering for customers. This multifunctionality implies the presence of additional requirements and conditions that must be taken into account when preparing the project. Another important point that needs to be paid attention is fire safety, which should be taken into account when preparing motor show projects. This and many other features are taken into account by specialists.

Let's list the key features of designing car interiors:

The projects of car dealerships are one of the activities of the Winnerstroy design and construction company. To learn more about the services of our company, their cost and negotiate the details of a particular project directly with a specialist, you just need to call one of the phone numbers listed on the site.

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