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Manufacture of metal structures for building construction

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In recent years, metal structures are an extremely demanded material for the construction of buildings. Produce them from a variety of alloys, the range of products is quite wide. The advantages they can be attributed to light weight, high processability, ease of installation, variability, as well as strength and long-term operation. For these reasons, buildings constructed from metal structures are increasingly found in modern construction.

Application of metal structures

Modern technologies make it possible to erect a variety of structures from metal structures. Initially, they were used mainly for the arrangement of pavilions, hangars and warehouses, but today the scope of metal structures has significantly expanded. They are actively involved in the construction of various industrial facilities: workshops, storage facilities, agricultural buildings. In addition, residential buildings from steel structures became very popular. Today, more and more often you can find private and multi-apartment buildings made of these materials. With the use of modern insulation can make them quite acceptable for living, as well as quite practical and quick-erect. In addition, a variety of economic buildings are being constructed from metal structures: fences, fences, gazebos, stairs, pavilions and much more.

Lightweight metal structures

Light metal structures are the material that is often used recently for the construction of residential buildings. They allow you to quickly create a frame that does not carry loads and therefore can be applied without prior arrangement of the foundation. Another advantage of this configuration is the speed of installation. The assembly takes place through the use of special fasteners - that is, there is no need for welding and other tedious operations. And finally, such a construction is quite economical, this technology significantly reduces the price of the building in comparison with the classical construction. Due to these reasons, buildings from metal structures are increasingly gaining popularity.

Prefabricated buildings from metal structures

Lightweight metal structures allow you to create any skeletons of future buildings without much time and labor resources. That is why in recent years their popularity is skyrocketing. Today, metal structures actively design shopping centers, industrial premises, hotel complexes, office buildings, as well as residential facilities. Advantages of this type of buildings include fast erection, fire safety, aesthetics and reduced construction costs. In addition, since the buildings are made of metal, they can be transported from place to place. Our company carries out manufacturing of metal structures to order for your task at an affordable price!

Metal structures price from 31 000 UAH /t

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