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Production of sandwich panels, manufacturing of metal structures

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The main activities of our company are design, manufacture and construction of buildings from light metal structures (metal structures).

Our buildings are applicable as warehouses and industrial premises, hangars, industrial buildings, greenhouses, pavilions, shopping and exhibition centers, sports halls and entertainment centers, garages, aircraft hangars, open canopies of multi-purpose, modular buildings and many other facilities. Working on the market of prefabricated buildings, we completed metal structures and took part in the construction of various objects in Kiev and the capital region. Producing all the main building elements independently, we have the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of the building, without changing its quality characteristics, to be less dependent on suppliers, to reduce the time of assembly and installation. Our company has mastered the technology of production and installation of ultralight prefabricated buildings of the "Light Build" system. The super lightness of the "Light Build" building is achieved due to the light frame made of cold-formed galvanized profile. Buildings of the system "light Build" are applicable as: warehouse and production complexes, shopping and exhibition centers, pavilions, greenhouses, garages, hangars, open canopies of multi-purpose, modular and many other structures. Another area of ​​the company's activity is manufacturing of construction and non-standard metal structures. These are columns, trusses, crossbars, communications, tanks for various purposes, gates, garages, shelving and much more. The professionalism and experience of the company's specialists guarantees the high quality of even the most complex metal structures. The company is responsible for the development of design solutions and applies maximum efforts to implement them.

The company carries out manufacturing of metal structures of the following objects:

Professionalism and Quality

We carry out design, fabrication and installation of metal structures and we have all necessary equipment for this, including welding, thermal and painting. For the manufacture of building metal structures, different types of steel are used: carbon ordinary and structural low-alloy and tool steel.

The company employs a permanent team of professionals of all construction specialties. We carry out the whole technological chain of construction of prefabricated buildings on our own, and therefore we are confidently responsible for the quality and timing of the work done. Experienced engineers and workers are at your service.

Upon delivery of the object "on a turn-key basis", we are ready to perform all the necessary works: excavation, erection of metal structures of the frame of a quickly erecting building, installation of technological equipment, erection of enclosing structures, work on the installation of engineering networks and equipment, etc. If necessary, in accordance with your wishes, adapts already existing standard projects to the conditions of a particular site.

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