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Modular houses – a new generation technology

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When it comes to building a new home, many realize that this is a huge work package that can drag on for years. Even a small private house is not easy to build, not to mention multi-apartment, industrial, commercial facilities. And what if not? What if the construction of buildings can be extremely simple and take a short time? It may seem like a fantasy, but it's really quite real. Today, modular homes are becoming more widespread.

Principles of modular construction technology

In fact, modular buildings are built from containers. That is, they have a metal frame, along the perimeter of which are installed profiled sheets. Also it can be composite panels. In addition, this design provides for glazing, if desired, even the entire wall. This is a kind of great "designer", which you can collect at your discretion. Since the design of the house is almost completely metal, for external walls it is provided with heat, hydro and vapor insulation. As a heater, foam plastic and other panel materials are usually used. The inner walls are made mainly of plasterboard, and the floor is poured with a concrete screed.

All the elements of the modular house are produced at specialized enterprises, and then brought to your site and assembled. Also all engineering communications are brought to the finished building.

Advantages of modular houses

A concrete, brick or stone building is being built for a very long time, it requires a lot of strength, resources, money. That is why the construction of modular buildings is gaining momentum today. It can be done in a few days, if it is a small private house. And the erection of an object with an area of ​​about 300 square meters will take about a month. This time is incomparable with standard construction, which takes years.

Another good news - a modular home can move with you! Fantastic, is not it? It can be built even on a leased land, and after the end of the period to take with them to a new place. Their design has a relatively low weight and does not require the laying of a foundation. You can settle in such houses immediately after installation. The strength of modular buildings is quite high. It is achieved due to the high degree of rigidity of the sheet itself.

Using modular homes

Modular construction technologies are becoming more widespread. They are used:

Also, a modular design can be an extension to your existing home. For example, you want to build a second floor, but you are afraid that the foundation will not withstand such a load. Modular home in this case will be an excellent solution because of its ease.

The company «Winnerstroi», which is a real expert in modular construction.

To receive the price for modular buildings, you simply need to contact the manager of our company by phone (044) 232-76-97, or order a calculation of the modular building through the order form. Our managers will help you choose and buy a modular house in Kiev that fully meets your requirements.

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