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What is needed and how an architectural project is created

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all necessary permits were obtained and a feasibility study was developed

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you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

Designing an object is a work, the result of which is decisive for the stage of direct construction. But there is another side. A project of a building or structure is necessary to coordinate the construction with local government services. To accomplish this sufficiently responsible scope of work, it is necessary to contact the architectural bureau, whose specialists will be able to develop all the necessary documentation for coordination with state institutions.

It is important to understand that the complete package of documentation (drawings, calculations, etc.) necessary for building a building can be divided into three types of project:

Sketchy. The creation of a preliminary design is one of the earliest stages of architectural planning. The sketch of the object should give information about the appearance, functionality and configuration of the building.

Architectural project. It is created, based on a draft design, but includes more complete information, in particular, takes into account a number of requirements for the object (social, environmental, sanitary, functional, and engineering).

Working draft. The final set of documents, which are the basis for the start of construction work.

In fact, architectural design itself is a detailed study of all the subtleties of the future object and the development of a draft, architectural and working project, backed up by the availability of a package of documents necessary for reconstruction or construction.

Winnerstroy (Winnerstroy) is a highly qualified architectural bureau in Kiev. The team of experienced specialists from Winnerstroy guarantees an excellent result of their work. Among the main advantages of Winnerstroy can be attributed: extensive experience in the design and construction of buildings and facilities for different purposes, equally responsible approach to the tasks of varying degrees of complexity, an extensive package of services in the design, construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures, as well as their affordable cost.

To get more information about the services of the company and to consult on the issues that interests you, you just need to contact the Winnerstroy representatives in any way convenient for you.

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