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Designing of residential buildings in Winnerstroy

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Like other areas of project activities, architectural design of residential buildings has its own individual characteristics. Winnerstroy specialists, who have rich experience not only in designing, but also in the construction of facilities for various purposes, provide services for preparing the necessary project documentation for:

Of course, to work with each type of building you need to take into account a number of features dictated by its functional purpose. However, the main principle on which you need to navigate, carrying out the design of residential buildings, are the needs of the group of people for whom it is intended.

That is why it is very important at the start of the design work to identify a list of specific requirements for the project, which should be reflected in the constructive and architectural solutions applicable to the specific facility. These features, as well as the wishes of the project's customer, must be fixed in the terms of reference, which is the basic document of the initial stage of design work.

It is on the basis of the terms of reference that the main package of project documentation will be formed. In the future, the design of residential buildings includes work aimed at determining other technical data of the project, namely the definition of the composition of premises, their filling with engineering equipment, as well as other technological features.

One of the most important stages of design work is the stage of preliminary design. At this stage, a common architectural concept of the building is being developed, including the development of layouts, as well as the initial analysis of the planned structures. It is the analysis carried out at this stage that allows us to optimize the future costs of construction work.

Designing residential and public buildings - this is one of the main directions of the project-construction company Winnerstroy. To get more useful information about Winnerstroy services, as well as to specify the estimated cost of project works for a particular type of facility, you can call one of the phone numbers listed on our website or contact the company representatives in any convenient way.

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