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Design of office buildings and shopping centers in Winnerstroy

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One of the key moments for the development of any type of business is the environment on the basis of which it is built and developed. It is not a secret for anyone that the size of the flow of visitors to any shopping center depends not only on the convenience of its location, but also on how well all the possible requirements for convenience and safety of visitors in the shopping center project are taken into account. A similar situation with office buildings and many other public buildings aimed at providing various services.

To ensure that all the smallest details concerning the functionality of buildings, their engineering, fire safety and other aspects have been met, it is necessary to trust the design of office buildings and shopping centers exclusively by those specialists whose experience and practical skills can provide the future object with effective viability.

One of the main tasks of designing public buildings, which include shopping and entertainment complexes, office and other buildings, is the optimal ratio of used areas to the total area of ​​the building.

We list the main principles that influence the choice of architectural, constructive and planning solutions in the design of public buildings:

It is important to understand that in the current realities the choice of spatial planning and constructive solutions should be carried out taking into account the multifunctionality. In modern conditions quite often there are situations when shopping centers and office centers have a single set of functional zones, the only difference is their quantitative ratio.

Another important feature is that the projects of shopping centers and other types of public buildings (entertainment centers, hotels, office buildings, etc.) should be developed, guided by the high requirements for fire safety.

Designing of shopping centers, office buildings and other public buildings is one of the directions of the project activity of Winnerstroy. For more information about the services of the Winnerstroy design and construction company, consultations and timing and discussion of issues related to a specific project, you just need to call the phone numbers listed on our website.

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