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Building cabins, trailers, mini offices, holiday houses

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Our company is engaged in the production and supply of construction, sleeping, sanitary, office (foreman's) huts, checkpoints, mini-offices, summer cottages for recreation centers, holiday cottages, "shower cabins" and other modular structures by request of legal entities and citizens on terms of contracts or as agreed by the parties.

Modular buildings, if necessary, can be installed in two floors or in a single-storey multi-room structure. Qualified specialists of the enterprise create structures of any size and configuration of the European level by world standards and reliability.

Modern materials used for interior decoration, as well as the installation of additional equipment (heater, air conditioning, plumbing, etc.) will create the necessary comfort at work (construction sites, offices) or rest (cottage areas).  

"Building cabins" are designed for temporary residence or use as a working environment. (How to choose a cabins, as well as the types of cabins read here, about the appointment of cabins here, what can be saved when choosing a cabins read here).  The tried-and-tested manufacturing technology makes it possible to produce a batch of construction huts under the order on the customer's project in a quality and in a short time.

"The cabins" is a solid frame structure. The edges of the frames are rigid, made of rolled or bent metal profiles, frames of wooden beams, to which the outer and inner covers are fixed. The walls, the floor and the roof of the hut are insulated with heat-insulating material. The foundation of the trailer is gravel padding, concrete blocks or wooden beams. As a rule, the shed, depending on the purpose, can be equipped with electrical wiring, lights, sockets, switches, etc. The container-type container house is designed for various climatic conditions in the range from -45 to + 50C. The house has such a design that it can be transported by rail, road transport or cargo aircraft. For this reason, the cabins are equipped with a special device capable of providing safe and reliable transportation on vehicles.

The trailer is ideal for temporary residence in both suburban areas and construction sites. The cabins, trimmed inside and out, will contribute to comfortable rest and productive work. The most popular types of insulation for wagons - mineral wool, lined with lining or profiled sheet. All this makes the cabins suitable for long-term living.

"The cabins" has the following design: from the bottom there are skids for ease of ground operation. Usually she has double insulated floor, especially if it is a building shed, intended for the building brigade. The walls, as a rule, are a wooden frame with a heater (lining or hardboard), and outside the wall is covered with a lining, painted. The roof is a flat painted metal sheet.

Depending on the area of ​​use and design features, the cabins are divided into the following types:

  "Building trailers" are made of metal or wooden frames, and galvanized corrugated board is used for plating. The construction of the construction site has high strength, which is necessary for repeated loading-unloading. Construction site cabins are comfortable one-storey buildings designed for living both working and management teams. In construction cabins are provided for decoration and thermal insulation of walls and ceilings, installation of windows and entrance doors, as well as conducting electrical wiring. Construction trailers are also often used as warehouse and administrative buildings, security posts.

  Wooden cabins are in great demand among construction and repair companies. As a rule, wooden cabins are delivered in finished assembled form, and after installation they are immediately ready for use. Wooden cabins are characterized by low cost and quite acceptable living conditions. Such a cabins will be a suitable option for temporary housing, when, for example, the house on the site has not yet been built. Wooden cabins are characterized by a short construction period: the cabins can be ready in a day or two. Inside and outside the wooden cabins are finished with a lining, the windows are equipped with wooden shutters, and the roof is covered with metal.

Summer cottage is one of the most common types of residential premises for temporary use. The dacha is delivered to the place already assembled. It also has special lifting mechanisms, and for this reason the use of a crane does not pipe. Summer cabins are also used as a the place of protection under the post of protection or under the building. The main advantage of such cabins can be considered compact size, convenience in operation and a fairly low price. In addition, country houses are interesting for forestries, hunting and fishing farms and even mobile police posts. Reliable, comfortable and environmentally friendly, such cabins will not yield to technically equipped premises, but also help reduce housing costs. The wooden wooden shed will serve for a long time even in the harshest climatic conditions.

The container block belongs to one of the types of metal huts. Metal cabins have a number of advantages over wooden cabins: longer service life, greater degree of comfort. Block - container is a universal assembly unit for the construction of residential towns, administrative and industrial buildings (including multi-storey) of any layout. The block container can be equipped with electric heaters, air conditioners, fans, sockets and other items intended for comfortable living. Depending on the purpose, the block container is trimmed with plastic, MDF panels, plasterboard panels, hardboard or chipboard. It can be used as a residential, sanitary (shower, toilet, etc.) office, production room, security post, kiosk. It has full factory readiness.

Wagons and cabins belong to mobile structures for temporary stay of people. As a rule, trailers and cabins are equipped with necessary communications. Wagons and cabins can be presented as wooden trailers and cabins, and metal trailers and cabins. In most cases, metal trailers and cabins belong to the building cabins, and wooden trailers and cabins are summer cottages.

The use of cabins and lodges is very broad: on construction sites, for private traders, as security points and recreation rooms .

There are no special differences between wooden and metal trailers and cabins. The service life of wooden cabins and lodges is much lower than that of metal cabins and lodging.

The construction kits are designed for construction crews, so they are made more durable and wear-resistant. In addition, the construction site is resistant to weather conditions. The cabins are a perfect variant of a mobile house, which can be installed in a summer residence. The cabins for summer cottages are more economical option in comparison with the building cabins and are more convenient to assemble. As construction site cabins, and cabins for summer cottages, can be trimmed with facing siding from the outside, inside the cabins building and cabins for summer cottages are covered with plastic panels.

Module buildings and cabins for summer cottages are absolutely reliable, versatile and convenient. Module buildings and cabins for summer cottages are mobile, under the right operating conditions can last over 15 years. Module buildings for construction, as well as cabins for summer cottages are easily repaired, if necessary, there is a replacement of individual elements of the construction of houses for construction and cottage dwellings. All the structures of trailers and cabins are equipped with the necessary fastening and assembly elements, so the collection of cabins and lodges can be carried out even by specialists. In such cabins, as well as in the cabins on the chassis, mini-retail outlets, shoe repair shops, car tires, etc. can be located.

Internal configuration of the construction site: the arrangement of rooms, doorways, windows, electrical equipment -

Our products reflect the price-quality ratio as much as possible!

The installation is completed with a passport. It is possible to complete various additional equipment (ladders, ventilation hatches, electric heaters, water heaters, but-extract fans, air conditioners, plumbing, including hot / cold water inlet / outlet, sewerage.

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