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Designing of multi-storey and low-rise buildings

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Implementing a project of an apartment house is a difficult and important task, involving the stay and residence of a large number of people with different needs and lifestyle. Therefore, in this issue, it is so important to study every detail of the residential complex.

Modern typology of residential buildings is characterized by a variety of options. For each project, various solutions are developed for planning, erecting the facade and decorating the interior. Plus, the construction of a new residential building (whether a multi-storey house with a large number of apartments or a low-rise building with a small number of families) always begins with an assessment of the architectural features of the area where the construction of a new house is planned. In addition to the norms of town planning and local legislation, professional companies pay close attention to the appearance of the surrounding buildings, so that at the design stage of the project they select materials that correspond to the style of the district.

Today, the design of a multi-storey building implies the creation of a multi-functional residential complex project. Among other types of construction and design (private residential buildings, low-rise buildings for several families), it is this type is very difficult, and also requires specific skills of the team.

In general, the construction of a residential house requires a comprehensive approach. To cover and describe in detail all the components of future work can be difficult. Therefore, the project organization faces the need to timely and fully disclose the expectations not only of the customer, but also of those who will be living in the new house in the future.

When designing a residential complex (with parking lots, offices, children's and sports grounds) and low-rise apartment buildings, an experienced company with special attention approaches the layout of apartments. Since the comfort of living in them depends on the convenience of the interior of the apartments. In this connection, various planning solutions are used, so that everyone can choose an apartment for themselves.

It depends on the experience and skills of the project company whether the final multi-storey project will be successful both from the commercial side and from the standpoint of the tenants.

The company "Winnerstroi" in the process of working on the project of residential buildings takes into account the needs of the customer and tenants and intelligently embodies them. We use modern technologies and innovative design solutions, realizing the boldest wishes of customers. At the design stage, the company's experts use 3D graphics so that the customer can see what the building will be after the completion of the construction, even if the house is still before or during the "pit" stage. Thanks to the three-dimensional format, you can recreate the layout of rooms, as well as arrange details of interior decoration.

We are glad to see you among our clients! We build real estate that is in demand!

To receive the price for designing houses, you simply need to contact the manager of our company by phone (044) 232-76-97, or order the calculation of the project of the house through the order form.

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