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Objectives of architectural design of industrial buildings

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The main task of architectural design of industrial buildings is the preparation of design documentation based on the unity of economic and functional feasibility of the project and the creation of an optimal, aesthetic exterior composition of the building. In addition, these key points should take into account the interests of the customer, in particular, take into account his wishes and requirements.

Professionals working with project documentation know that the architectural design of industrial enterprises primarily requires deepening in particular the technological process of production. Only this approach will achieve a qualitative result. That's why Winnerstroy specialists first of all get acquainted with the information provided to them by clients, and in the format of a constructive dialogue discuss all the key points concerning the project.

Main stages

One of the main stages of architectural design of buildings is the stage of concept creation. It is important to understand that it is at this stage that it is necessary for the contractor and the customer to come to a common vision of what the industrial building project should be. The task of the specialists who work with the project is to provide reasonably information about the possibilities of the future project to the customer. The next step in working with the project is the work on preparing diagrams and project drawings that include not only architectural but also functional as well as constructive solutions.

It is important to understand that the cost of architectural design in most cases is set for each customer individually, because it depends on many different factors that determine the complexity of the project.

Regardless of whether you are interested in designing a single-storey industrial building, multi-storey building or a whole complex consisting of industrial buildings and structures, you can contact the Winnerstroy representatives and consult on the issues that interest you.

One of the main directions of the work of the specialists of the Kiev design and construction company Winnerstroy is the design of residential and industrial buildings, but in addition to these services, Winnerstroy specialists work towards the construction and reconstruction of industrial buildings.

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