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Construction of industrial buildings

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It is important that from the creation of a commercial idea to its implementation there was little time. When the products are manufactured, it is required to organize the production process operatively. This directly affects the financial success. An actual solution is the construction of industrial buildings from sandwich panels. Enterprises receive a unique opportunity to create additional capacities on-line. This determines:

  1. Rate of pace.
  2. Effective commodity expansion in certain regions.
  3. Optimization of corporate level logistics.
  4. Saving time and money.


The cost of building a production shop for prefabricated technology is one-third lower than the price of structures made of concrete and wood. Installation work can be done online. Guaranteed optimal benefit, which will necessarily bring the building, which are built of sandwich panels.

The main formative material is the sandwich panel. They have ideal characteristics in terms of operation. Good structure strength and low thermal conductivity are provided.

Guaranteed excellent resistance to possible temperature changes and the influence of high humidity. It is not accidental that the construction of industrial premises for this innovative technology is so much in demand today.

Prefabricated buildings - a convenient and reliable solution

At the heart of such structures is the frame. It provides the necessary design reliability. It is easy and cost-effective to create single-span shops of a large area where it is easy to place complex technological equipment. Building of production premises from sandwich panels is a demanded service. Frame buildings, depending on certain requirements, are applied to a conveyor line or a material and technical base, which consists of machines of a separate type.

At the same time, the structural strength is simply excellent, so it is capable of performing not only the basic, supporting function. It is possible to place such irreplaceable lifting and moving mechanisms as crane beams. This necessarily meets the criteria that are traditionally imposed on modern manufacturing enterprises.

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