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Hangars from metal – convenience and universality

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At the present time in industrial and agricultural construction is a fairly common element of steel hangars. They are very convenient to use for warehouse purposes, and also there you can place workshops, workshops, production plants and other objects. Given the popularity of hangars, it is unprofitable to erect them from standard materials - brick, concrete, stone. This can take a long time, and in this case the speed and productivity of construction is important, that is, the ability to build many buildings in a short time. That is why the most popular are prefabricated hangars.

Features of the construction of hangars

The principle of building a prefabricated hangar is based on the use of metal structures. This is a profiled sheet on the metal frame, optionally supplemented with other elements (metal-plastic windows, doors, gates, wall paneling). Sandwich panels are used to insulate walls, and they can also be used for roofing. Floors are poured with a concrete screed. It is possible to erect such a metal hangar on average in a couple of months, and its use is quite wide.

Using metal hangars

The scope of use of such structures today is extremely extensive. The most popular are hangar-warehouses, however other variants are also possible:

Today, many even order hangars from the profiled sheet for arranging an office there. After all, there is the possibility of installing windows, doors, internal partitions and insulation. Quite suitable conditions for the location of the enterprise.

Advantages of prefabricated hangars

Compared with capital construction, fast-build technology has many advantages. One of the main is accessibility, because materials and work do not have to spend a lot of money for building a hangar. Also a significant advantage is the speed of construction. All the necessary elements of the future design are manufactured at the factory, and then quickly assembled in your territory. If necessary, the finished hangar can be disassembled and transported to another location, which is absolutely impossible in the case of capital buildings.

When building metal hangars, you can choose a ready-made solution, or you can order an individual project for you. You can build a structure under any weather conditions, that is, seasonality does not matter. In addition, it can be changed at any time if necessary - expand, add new window and door openings, partitions and so on.

If you are interested in prefabricated hangars, then you just need to contact the manager of our company by phone (044) 232-76-97, or order a hangar calculation through the order form. We are engaged in designing, assembling and building on a turn-key basis, using non-standard progressive technical solutions and establishing affordable prices.

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