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Designing hangars from Winnerstroy

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Designing of industrial buildings and structures, including hangars, is one of the activities of Winnerstroy. Among our works you can find industrial buildings that are intended for use as warehouses, as well as those that serve household purposes, in particular, are used as workshops, workshops, etc. Valuable experience gained as a result of the company's long-term activity on the design and construction market of Ukraine allows our specialists to submit a hangar project out of metal structures taking into account the purpose of the design object as well as the specific requirements and wishes of the customer in a rather short time.

Quick commissioning and low cost are the main reasons for the fact that in most cases modern hangars and warehouses are built of metal structures. One of the most popular solutions for today is the hangar sandwich panel project. As a matter of fact, sandwich panels are a relatively new material in our construction market, but it has very quickly proved itself as one of the most optimal solutions combining availability and reliability. A special design allows to provide high strength values ​​with a relatively low weight of panels.

Where to order the project?

If you need a high-quality warehouse project from metal structures, then you can always contact the representatives of the Kiev-based design and construction company Winnerstroy to discuss all the details and order the project.

Winnerstroy specialists will develop the project of the industrial building or building you need, and also help you make the best decision in the process of working on the project, taking into account the functionality of the facility and its economic validity. In addition, the specialists of our company can not only develop a hangar project that takes into account your needs, but also carry out construction work on its construction. The team of specialists of the project-construction company Winnerstroy is able to cope with the task in the field of industrial design of any degree of complexity and scale.

Contact the company representatives right now to consult on the issue that interests you, as well as to learn about the cost of designing hangars in Winnerstroy. All the necessary information is presented in the "Contacts" section.

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