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Construction of warehouses and warehouse complexes

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In modern realities, no actively developing business is impossible without a warehouse. And if earlier you could use an ordinary garage or a hangar to store goods, today not only the image of the company but also the safety of products, convenient access to cargoes, and the quality of personnel work depend on the appearance and internal equipment of the storage space.

Some businessmen rent a room for storage or they quickly erect a building from improvised non-professional materials. This method has the right to life, but if the business is gaining momentum, and you are concerned not only with the quality of the goods, but also the safety of its storage, then a professional prefabricated warehouse is justified from a technical and economic point of view.

Warehouses are erected from galvanized steel structures. This material is characterized by low metal content and high quality. The construction is being built very quickly, time and money spent on construction is several times less. At the same time, the reliability, stability and durability of the structure - beyond any doubt.

The construction of such structures does not require a massive foundation. Metal structures are resistant to the negative impact of the environment and, at the request of the client, the warehouse area, the height of its walls and the width of the span can be different. Warehouses made by modular technology are distinguished by a presentable appearance and functionality.

The advantages of frameless technology include the fact that the construction of warehouses is possible regardless of weather conditions. Also, arches do not require special finishing works, which significantly saves your money.

Advantages of modular technology in the construction of warehouses:

  1. the cost of building a warehouse is affordable and democratic;
  2. construction time is minimized;
  3. minimum costs for maintaining the building;
  4. The structure has an attractive appearance;
  5. the opportunity to build a building of any shape, size, based on the characteristics of the owner;
  6. Storage space, recreated according to modular technology, durable, reliable and durable.

For many years we have been developing warehouses projects and we are building. Long-term experience and skill of experts allow us to remain leaders in the industry. We clearly follow the plan, take into account the requirements of the client, and also fulfill the order qualitatively and within the agreed time. We are always glad to provide the service and prepare for operation a storage room for business needs!

To get the cost of building a warehouse, you just need to contact the manager of our company by phone (044) 232-76-97, or order a calculation through the order form. Our managers will help you design and build a warehouse that fully meets your requirements.

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