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How much does it cost to open a kiosk and where to get a business plan

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Many beginning entrepreneurs who want to open their business, but do not have sufficient starting capital, pay attention to such an idea as opening a kiosk. And, naturally, the next step in their activity is to search for answers to the questions, how much does it cost to open a kiosk and where to get or download a ready-made kiosk business plan? If you also consider yourself among such entrepreneurs, our site will provide answers to all these questions.

Next, we'll talk in detail about how to open a stall (note that the concept of a stall and a stall in our understanding are equivalent).

Survey Department

It is planned to open a kiosk that sells small food products or other goods. Note that the principal difference is the type of goods sold, since the main difficulties will be related to other aspects of business organization, which we will consider below.  The organizational and legal form for conducting this type of business is enough to choose the form of an individual entrepreneur.

Company Description

It is supposed to open a kiosk, an area of ​​5-10 square meters, served by one seller. In this business plan, the opening of a stationary kiosk is considered.

Description of services

It is assumed that the kiosk will sell small goods that are in high demand.

Market Analysis

In this section it is necessary to give a specific description of the market of stalls and stalls in the area of ​​prospective business, as well as the presence / absence of competition.

Documentation required to open the kiosk

First of all, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur in the tax authorities at your place of residence. Do it today is not difficult.  The next step will be obtaining permits. Note that to open kiosks and stalls you need to get a special permit in the municipality. In some localities it is not difficult to do this, but in large cities, as a rule, obtaining permits is regulated by tenders. And basically tenders are held only if there are several participants who claim to the same place. Overcome this difficulty by submitting two applications - for example, from yourself and from your friend.  The next document is a permit from the management of architecture and town planning, which will subsequently need to be coordinated with the trade department.  After installing the kiosk, it is necessary to coordinate the documents with the sanitary and epidemiological station and the fire brigade.


In order to open the stall, you will need to purchase the following mandatory equipment:

After purchasing this equipment, you can start work.

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