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Construction of vegetable storages and granaries

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Vegetable and turnkey granaries

A good harvest is not enough just to harvest. In agricultural activities, in addition to sowing, watering and collecting products, its storage in good condition also plays an important role. Crops of vegetables and grain are stored in facilities such as vegetable storages or granaries.

Winerstroy specialists offer their customers the construction of granaries and hangars for storing vegetables. The extensive experience of the company's specialists in this matter can guarantee the quality of the buildings themselves and the safety of the products stored in them.

Due to many circumstances in the modern world, such a process as the construction of granaries must be carried out in accordance with a huge number of important requirements and norms.

According to the regulatory documentation, the granary must be equipped with:

In addition, a thermal procedure of additional disinfection and gas disinfection of grain can be carried out in the granary, which also require the installation of appropriate equipment.

To ensure the storage of different types of grain in the granary, separation can be provided using partitions.

It is also very important not to injure the grain during unloading or loading, because these processes must be mechanized in a special way.

Granaries are hangars that should have sufficiently spacious areas and at the same time be equipped with various mechanisms and technical innovations that ensure the safety of products. In addition, such buildings must be airtight and adapted to sudden changes in temperature.

Features of the construction of vegetable stores

In processes such as the design and construction of vegetable stores, it is imperative to take into account the fact that vegetables are stored in hangars mainly in the winter, cold period. And this means that the qualities that are very important for the construction are tightness and reliable heat insulation. Such buildings must certainly be equipped with installations that maintain the necessary climatic conditions inside.

Also, for such buildings, high-quality ventilation, cooling, heating, humidification and air drainage systems are required.

Experienced Winerstroy specialists are able to take into account all these and many other features of buildings of this kind during the construction process and create for you vegetable stores and granaries that will contribute to profitable agricultural activities.

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